Citrus Body Scrub

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Citrus Body Scrub

Category : Beauty Tips

Choose a few of your favourite citrus fruits – lemons, limes, oranges etc.  Finely grate the rind off and discard the fruits, or use in one of our recipes!  Put the rind on some kitchen paper towel and leave out to dry naturally.

In an airtight jar (Kilner or similar) fill it 3/4s full of coarse sea salt – checking for any large pieces or stones.  Add the dried fruit rind and mix through evenly.

Add approx 4tbsp of your favourite oil – olive oil, grapeseed, almond – whichever you prefer.  The mixture should feel damp but not swimming in oil.

Apply the scrub all over your body and massage gently in to remove dry, dead skin.  Rinse off with tepid water and pat the skin dry.

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